Montag, 2. Februar 2015

Auslandsaufenthalte für Jugendliche: Förderung von regionalen Jugendinfomessen

Die Jugendstiftung Baden-Württemberg fördert im Auftrag des Ministeriums für Kultus, Jugend und Sport die Durchführung von regionalen Jugendinfomessen über Auslandsaufenthalte für Jugendliche. Unterstützt werden können auch Messen zum freiwilligen sozialen Engagement mit einem Schwerpunkt auf Freiwilligendiensten im Ausland.
Die Fördersumme beträgt bis zu 2500 €.
Förderanträge können von  gemeinnützigen Trägern der Jugendarbeit und kommunalen Einrichtungengestellt werden.

Beispiele für die Konzeption solcher Messen:

Jugendbildung International ist auch gerne bei der Planung und Durchführung solcher Veranstaltungen behilflich (Bereitstellung der Ausstellung „Wege ins Ausland“, Bereitstellung von Infomaterial, Kontakt zu Ausstellern und ehemaligen Freiwilligen, Vorträge u.a.).

Interessierte wenden sich bitte an:
Julia Wachter oder Gerhard Keppeler
Jugendbildung International
Jugendstiftung Baden-Württemberg
Fachbereich Schule und Jugend International
Tel.: 0 70 42 / 83 17 - 22

Freitag, 30. Januar 2015

Approaches to Reconciliation Work

Peace-building and conflict transformation are increasingly popular concepts in local and international youth work, particularly in post-violent settings in Eastern and South Eastern Europe, but adapted concepts also gain ground addressing community conflicts in Western Europe. Most of the approaches in use focus on people-to-people approaches bringing young people from conflicting communities together. However, they often do not address directly the violent past and the resulting deeply rooted negative imagines towards the other conflict party.

Objectives of the course:
To introduce approaches to reconciliation work and Dealing with the Past (DwP) as a concept in youth-led conflict transformation processes,
To qualify youth workers in triggering youth-based projects on reconciliation work by non-formal educational methods,
To support youth workers to reflect critically on their practice and how they pass knowledge to young people in the field of peace education, especially in view to remembrance and reconciliation,
To prepare a community research on potentials for reconciliation work on local, regional or international levels.

Four places are available for participants from Germany.

06.06.15 bis 14.06.15, Kobuleti, Georgien
Anmeldeschluss 06.03.15

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Get the money and DON'T run away.

A training course on main EU programmes and initiatives that can be used to support social youth work in Europe. Focused on providing practival working tools to Youth workers, NGOs managers, Youth policy makers.

During 2014 many new programmes of the European Union started, bringing many news on European funds for social and youth activities.
Many programmes have deep roots in past ones, but some of them have quite new methodologies, political and logical framework, funding system, application and management tools.

08.06.15 bis 14.06.15, Palermo, Italien
Anmeldeschluss 20.04.15

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Coaching Flow Training

Coaching Flow Training' is a six-day international training on practical coaching skills and methods aimed at everyone who is interested in coaching regardless of experience, as well as for those who work with individuals, teams or groups.

This training is designed for those who work as trainers, coaches, mentors, youth workers, teachers, educators, managers, supervisors, consultants, or involved in other supporting professions.

The 'Coaching Flow Training' is a unique opportunity for you to:

- get to know your communication style, learn new ones and the way to use them flexibly
- improve your relationship with yourself and others
- master coaching skills that empower and support achievement of full potential
- learn how to effectively use coaching for individuals, team and group development
- learn examples of good coaching practice from experienced professionals from all around Europe.

24.05.15 bis 29.05.15, Rijeka, Kroatien
Anmeldeschluss 01.04.15

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“Explore your Potential – Competences for Youth Empowerment

Participation of young people is one of the key questions that youth workers address in their work. Concepts of participation usually refer to at least four dimensions: social participation, political participation, economic participation and cultural participation.

The project intends to contribute to the development of measures that foster the participation of young people in political, social, cultural and economic life in their countries. Thus, the project aims to strengthen organisations in making best use of the power of educational programmes addressing youth needs by an empowerment approach that provides young people with the necessary competences to become an active part of the society in which they live.

Objectives of the course:
To deepen the understanding for concepts of youth empowerment and participation amongst youth leaders and educators,
To enhance theoretical knowledge and practical skills of educators in planning, implementing and evaluating educational short-term projects on local, national and European levels,
To create new workshops, exercises, role plays for youth projects,
To create European learning partnerships in the field of youth empowerment.

Two places are available for participants from Germany.
16.05.15 bis 24.05.15, Ganja, Aserbaidschan
Anmeldeschluss 13.02.15

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Das geht uns alle an! Otesha Future Now!

Deutsch-französisch-tunesische (Fort-)Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung im internationalen Kontext

Diese trinationale Fortbildung möchte Erfahrungen und Methoden aus dem Bereich nachhaltiger Entwicklung im Kontext internationaler Jugendbegegnungen sowie Handlungskompetenz vermitteln. Bewusstsein über nachhaltiges Denken und Handeln kann schließlich in der lokalen und grenzüberschreitenden Arbeit mit Jugendlichen genutzt werden.

Dieses Seminar befasst sich sowohl mit inhaltlichen Grundlagen als auch mit der praktischen Umsetzung von Nachhaltiger Entwicklung im trinationalen Begegnungskontext – ob in Workshops, bei (urbanen/ländlichen) Naturerkundungen oder Projektbesuchen.
09.05.15 bis 16.05.15, Berlin
Anmeldeschluss (Orientierungswert) 09.02.15

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Dienstag, 27. Januar 2015


 "Give Power to Empower" is a motivational training course designed to empower youth workers in the specific reality of project based–youth work, from different countries.

More specific objectives:

- To empower youth workers on project based reality.
- To understand and facilitate the empowerment process of others.
- To explore principles of non-formal education and experiential learning in order to make them more efficient and applicable in youth work.
- To explore new educational theories, tools and instruments which can lead to youth empowerment.
- To understand how nature and outdoor spaces can be used for youth empowerment.
- To understand how to create sustainable projects with a long lasting impact.

26.04.15 bis 03.05.15, Bulgarien
Anmeldeschluss 26.02.15

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